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Welcome to one of my homes. If you have come here on purpose then you must be thirsty for victory. I think I can grant you that. That is easy. Making it look easy...well that's hard. In my 43 years, experience has taught me an unpredictable opponent is...unpredictable. That is what has led me to develop my unconventional, intimidating, and yes sometimes my image strange style. Spinning blades in both hands, yes, that sums it up nicely. This is what you have to keep in mind when you spar as me, Voldo. Constantly go through the zoo of moves in my amoury. My enemies hate my ballet of deadly attacks. It makes me laugh (if I could). Remember, winning is good, but looking good is even better. How do I look by the way?
Here is a little story for illustration compliments of the namco dungeon masters.
sword A SPY WAS CAUGHT in the court of the Prince. When the grizzled spy refused to give the Prince any information about who had sent him and what his orders were, the Prince had him sent to the dungeon to be tortured. The chief torturer was greatly feared man who had a reputation for always getting his victims to talk. When the chief torturer returned to the Prince, he looked very upset. "Well, did he tell you?" The prince asked. The chief torturer sighed. "First, I stretched him out on the rack. But the spy merely laughed at me. He said, 'I will never talk. I have survived Vlad the Impaler!'"

"What did you do then?" The Prince asked. "I applied the clamps, my Lord. But again he called out, 'You will not make me speak. I have survived Lucrecia Borgia!'"

"Then did he talk?" The Prince asked. "No. So, I set upon him with the red-hot brands." "Did he finally speak?" The Prince asked. "No." The torturer replied. "He said, 'Is this the best you can do?! I have survived Voldo!' "What did you do then?" The Prince asked finally. "I let him go free." The torturer replied. "Any man who has survived Voldo cannot be killed!"

A short story of my quest is here, called Episode 3: The Determined Stranger

Favorite Moves
Now everyone calls these move by dfferent names, but some are just stupid, and some make you wonder what the guy was thinking when he came up with "umpah" or other nonsense. These here convey some visual meaning, or just sound cool.
The Deadly Rose: A+K...speed and a wacky spin. How embarassing to be knocked out of the ring by this.
The Tiger Leap: df,A+B...They don't expect a middle-ager to do this. Boy, am I in good shape.
The Spinner: A+G...always follow with u+A
Grave Digger: downed opponent df+A,A,A...a great finish to any move that leaves them flat.
The Demon's Elbow: f,f+B...good to push them out of the ring.
Killer X Counter: B,B,B,B,B(into an attack)...I love to interupt an attack.
Evil Bow: d+A+B...faster than the praying mantis and only slightly less damage. Combine it with a f,f tap for a long range attack.
Rat Chaser: d+B,B,B,B,K...the kick at the end sends them flying. Very important if you've been paying attention.
Heaven's Swing: d+B,B...talk about graceful. Half the time they just watch if it misses and wonder,"Why the hell is he dancing around the ring?"
Weapon Commentssword
The Katar...a very well balanced set of blades.
The Guillotine...it slows me down a bit, but it makes the moves that connect hurt. I use it in connection with moves I know well, and when I plan to avoid-and-retaliate.
The Poision Spears...a great choice if I choose to constantly attack my unfortunate opponent. Also called the strength-sucking-spears. Use liberally with the Killer X Counter.
The Buffalo Horns...ah, yes, they make me feel good, and they don't slow me down.

the hand of advice Dear Voldo, or, Unfriendly Advice
my image Q:"Big V, the deadly rose is a great move as you well know, but jerks often cut into it as it is coming out since it has a big wind-up. What to do big V?
Voldo: "Ah, the rose. It does have a big wind-up time. Do this; tap back twice then hit the deadly rose buttons (b,b,A+K). Especially against the CPU, your opponent will move forward to close the distance and find you rocketing in his direction toward his distruction."

Q:"Voldo,I can do all of Voldo's moves, except for the Tiger Leap. If I use df+A+B, I do the Evil Bow. If I use df,A+B, I end up doing the praying Mantis. Are both of these wrong, or is my timing just off?"
Voldo:" The Leap is fast and can push out of the ring. The key is df (hold), slight pause to prevent the Evil Bow form coming out, A+B. It's just a timing thing, but worth the practice."

Q: "Why did you not include all moves (like the Psycho Spin (f,f+A+B+G,k) or the Bloody Clap (b+A+B) are they too useless or did you not have enough room to include them?"
Voldo:"I only included some of my moves. There are so many, I just put in some of my favorites. The Bloody Clap is a great move and I use it all the time especially to knock out of the ring. The Psycoho Spin is a pain to do, and if you miss the kick part you are wide open for hurt."

Q:"I know how to do the Wheel of Agony (when facing away from opponent, A+G or B+G), but I cannot do it so that it knocks my opponent down and I go up in the air while still in the Wheel and land on them." I have seen the game do it (the computer player, but I cannot). How?
Voldo:"To do the Wheel of Agony as the Wheel of Fire you must be facing away.(a good move is away+A, this is quick) Then A+G,up,B. You'll roll toward them and pounce up in the air and land on them. It is unblockable unless they are crouched with their guard up--which is rare. It is important to to do the "up,B" part quickly once the wheel starts. An unothadox move to say the least, and that's why it works."

Q:"I never get a chance to throw, what's the secret?"
Voldo: Guard against a combo, and when it is done (during the short pause that follows all combos or special moves) let down your guard and tap f,f to get close and then hit A+B. Don't forget to then do U+B for a final jab.

Q:"After I do a sucessful combo while I am recovering they counter attack and kick my butt! It's frustrating."
Voldo: Only use moves that knock them flat,(never just a jab or two) that way their recovery is longer than yours. Try A,A,B. e.g.

Q:"Voldo,I can do my critical edge, so I am not a total idiot but I am never able to add on the House of Pain. Is my timing off?"
Voldo: Good question. The critical edge + House of Pain is A+B+K,u,d+A+B, but the key is the u,d+A+B must be done during the last half of the critical edge move. I often substitute u,u+A+B (note the two up taps) and this gives you more flexibility as to when you can start the house of pain part.

Q:"The unblockable is soooo slow, I always get pegged using it. Oh, and what's your favorite costume?"
Voldo: "Give yourself a good amount of distance and do the unblockable, Blood follows Blood, with the hope they will attack into it. The distance will give it time to come out, or do a move like: A,B,A and do so the unblockable with the hopes they will get up into it. By the way, it's a (quarter circle forward),A or d,df,f,A not d,df,f+A as written is some FAQs. I recently have prefered the green commando with the optical enhancers. (I don't know if you are aware of this, but my vision is not that good. It's kind of a trade secret.)"

A little extra note: Sylwia Roszko from Poland wants to know if there is anyone else in Poland who is interested in Voldo. You can reach him at: pchla@pertus.com.pl

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half way through this clip you can see in episode 3, Voldo fight Siegfried, as in the short story attached to this page.

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