Heeeere's Johnny...

photo of me This is a page about our hero.

The internet is one of my artistic/creative outlets.

This site may have all kinds of discontinuous parts. Many people have contributed and made inputs so not all of this is by me, but I am the final control. If you know me and you would like help designing your own page, or just any help with computers or the WWW, just call me or e-mail.

Back to about me: I live in Florida and unfortunately also like to snowboard. You most likely figured this out from the photo; but I also like the sunshine and orange juice.

If you've seen the rest of my site you can probably tell I've played a few video games, especially the fighting variety. This is what got me involved in web sites in the first place. The gaming community seems to be very computer literate. Oh, I would like to take this opportunity to thank HS Lee for his help when I was learning UNIX commands.

A fun creation is the Soul Blade page called "Voldo's Asylum." It has less technical talk and more creative writing. As someone (who I don't know) once said about rock & roll, "If you don't get it I can't explain it." Jorge knows what I mean. Also I am very proud of Rick O'Shay's Airgun page. A lot of time has gone into the testing and reviews. Probably too much. It is a nice history of some guns of the past, and some newer models.

My dear Cintia.

Please e-mail me with any comments: john.sciarra( the at symbol)gmail(dot)com.



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