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Review of the Air Arms TX200SR
Review of the Steyr 10m Pump rifle.
Review of the Beeman FWB C60 10m CO2 Match Air Rifle.
Review of the VM-68 Paintball rifle..coming soon
Review of the QB88
Review of the Daystate Sportsman MKII
Review of the Crosman 1077W
Review of the Crosman 760 Pumpmaster
Review of the Webley Hurricane.
Review of the Sheridan Silver Streak
Review of the Crosman 262 Sporter
Review of the Sheridan Model E pistol
Target Ideas. Here's a lising of things I have found fun to shoot at.
Other Bright Ideas. Just some things I have thought of, or heard about to make airgunning more ejoyable.
The Effect of Wind on Projectiles..the title says it all.
A Word on Telescopic Sight Optics
Links. I don't have many, but I have the 'you link me, I'll link you' policy. Apologies if the links die.

This web page is dedicated to the millions of airgun enthusiasts around the world who love the airgunin' sport but are misunderstood by the rest of the world who think we have never outgrown 'playing with BB guns'. To us I say "enjoy," to rest, I say: "get off my website!" You all know who you are. (Oh, and the music will stop soon.) Over Protective Airgun Parents Cartoon

Of course that's how it started many years ago in my friend, Kevin Johnson's, basement/crawlspace. We took plastic model of ships and planes we had built and tired of and used them for practice with a pump gun. It is amazing we had the intelligence to hang a blanket as a back-stop. I think they should sell eye protection with intro-guns. Just my O'opinion. Now, if you read on, you can see I've graduated to little green plastic army figures.

To the right is a little cartoon I made up. The scanning and lettering was most of the work. Man! I need a scanner (typed in the 90s). You can clearly see I need practice, so you don't have to e-mail me that crucial piece of information.

Oh, and I would like to thank m' sponsor Johnny. As me good friend often toasts: "Confusion to our enemies, and for god sake, watch your following distance! He also says," make friends not enemies; be nice to old people, dogs, and children". 

Attorney's Warning: airguns are not toys, and as such should only be used by mature individuals. Any suggestions provided here are solely for discussion. Shoot at your own risk and wear eye protection. That means if you do anything stupid, its your own fault.

Here are two articles I saw in the paper the other day from the New Times, Miami, Florida (painfully retyped):
In August in Leesburg, FL, a 28 year old woman, in the midst of a quarrel with her husband,
 age 29, ordered t he couples two kids, ages 6 and 8, to shoot their father with their BB guns.
 The kids complied, resulting in wounds in the chest, arm and cheek.  The woman
 is a dispatcher for the city police department.

Jennifer Lee RoGala, age 30, was arrested in March in Anthony, 
Alabama, and charged with aggravated child abuse after she 
playfully chased and wounded three neighborhood children with
an air-powered pellet gun.  According to the neighbor who 
called the police:"RoGala was unremorseful...She said she used 
to do it all the time up north and couldn't understand what the 
big deal was about shooting kids with pellets."

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