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Welcome to The Airsoft Asylum. Here you will find the stuff of people who play the childish game of Airsoft. This web page designed to share pictures with airsoft enthusiasts around the world who love the "soft air" sport and have never outgrown 'playing with BB guns'. This page is coded by hand, old school with html, so it may scale weird, depending on the browser used for viewing. It is meant to load rapidly, that's all. Enjoy..

Make fun, not war,...LOL I like that....

At Miami Airsoft, indoor field...aiming with both keep the shaking to a minimum...

Me on the right with a big old paint ball mask.ha ha

airsoft m4 pistol This is an M4 pistol that I made. It is an AEG-- so the battery is in the tube under the barrel. It is plastic so it is not too heavy, but it is still hefty for a pistol. I use shorty mags to keep it as light as possible. There is no holster that will hold this monster, so I just clip it to a regular sling if need be.

airsoft hicapa 4.3 HPA pistol setupHere is the HPA rig that I setup. It uses a 3d-printed adapter for the magazine and HPA foster connector. The gun is a TM Hicapa Xtreme with an extended barrel, and a mock suppressor to cover it. With this setup, I can use M4 "shorty" magazines, and shoot full-auto all day--with a stack of hicaps or midcaps.

The group goes Larping... Nic, me, Tomas, Camilo, Chris, and little dude.

airsoft memeAirsoft

airsoft Hi-capa hpa pistol setup with M4 magazine adapter.Hi-capa HPA pistol setup with M4 magazine adapter.

Nic at Miami Airsoft 2019

Tomas at Miami Airsoft 2019

airsoft hicapa hpa pistol setupTrying new woodland camo vest system... a work in progress, plus--hpa pistol with M4 mag adapter. You can see the valken regulator on my back sticking out, and the brown HPA line.

airsoft hicapa hpa pistol setupCaption...

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