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Introduction to

This section is a treatise on how to play as Mortal Kombat's (MK3) most dangerous character. I'm talking about the most jammin' slammin' game, and the slicing dicing prince of the blade: Kabal. What follows will be an outline to win against any character by choosing Kabal, in MK3, UMK3, and MKT. I will give you moves, percentages, combos, stragegy, tactics and codes. You want to spin your friends dizzy in style? Just read on.
I guess I should say why I think Kabal is the warrior. In many ways other characters such as Sub-zero are easier to play, but they lack the speed and style of Kabal. He is the Bad ninja. And you, yes you, can make your opponents fear him! Note, most of this has to do with playing agianst a human opponent. It's easy to beat the computer when you know it's patterns so I will not go into those, because that just bores me. (The versus section though has lots of cpu-beating advice.) Anyone who tires of this game has not played in the arcade or against his/her friends. It's much more fun to beat the unpredictable, or say, "game over!",to your friends.Disclaimer: I am no expert, and lord knows plenty of people beat me,(especially my friend Jorge, who really isn't that good, he just cheats all the time, and then he complains how his fingers hurt). I have personally checked all moves and percentages herein, and try to update this with new info as it surfaces; ergo it's constantly being updated. Also, this is for MKT and UMK3 only. By the way, Kabal used to be the regining champion in MK3; but, I guess the powers that be decided that he was too much and chopped his percentages way down in subsequent versions of MK. He can still carve his way through the mortal kombat ranks; and with some newly discovered top secret combos that guarantee +40% damage, Kabal is again the one to fear.

And here is a little history I found on the net by Sage Ryock: "Let's go back to MK3 when he first appeared. Kabal was a new character that carried a pair of exotic looking Swords. He wears what seems to be like a gas mask, and has super speed. The mask he wears is part of a life support system on his back which at the time was covered by his shirt and is now exposed in Mortal Kombat Deception. The injury he carries around was caused by one of Shao Kahn's extermination squads. As a result, he nearly died, and now wears that support system to keep himself alive. You could say that hes now kinda like Darth Vader now. His Moves and Fatalities were deadly and quick. His fatalities featured him turning his opponent into a balloon, screeching the opponent to death, an Animality where he turned into a dead Rhino, a babality, and a Friendship. His moves included an attack where he would spin past the opponent, giving Kabal a chance to strike his opponent with an attack. He could also fire a blast of energy from his mask and summon a saw blade to scewer his opponent.
In Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, which was pretty much just a remake of the older version, Kabal was granted another finishing move. Added to his already cool finishing moves, he got a Brutality, in which the opponent is constantly whacked until he/she explodes into nothing but Bones and Flesh. The story was pretty much the same even up to Mortal Kombat Trilogy.
In Mortal Kombat Trilogy, I'm afraid that the story of the game was just slightly changed and they just added more characters to the game. But thats what happened to Kabal. "
Now backt to the show....

Key to symbols/Legend

T=toward opponent...A= away from opponent...D=down...U=jump up ...BL=block...R=run...HP=high punch... LP=low punch...LK=low kick...HK=high kick...UC=uppercut... RH=roundhouse...SW=sweep...JK=jumpkick...JP=jumppunch... JU=jump up...JF=jump forward...PB=plasma blast... APB=air plasma blast...GB=ground blade...


Special Moves

[Kabal Spin....A,T,LK
Plasma Blast(PB)....A,A,HP...done in air is the Air Plasma Blast(APB)
Ground Blade(GB)....A,A,A,R

The spin is his great stun move. You have to be able to do it at any time. Personally this is where I screw up all the time.
The plasma blast is a great projectile, that will constantly harass your enemey. Shoot as many of these as you can safely.
The ground Blade is a slow special move, reserved best against beginners. What most people don't know is that it is a stun move as well as a damage causing move. Summon the blade and then run up for a combo, or spin them as I prefer. They are helpless to block your spin! best used to panic those who run at you. A buzz saw chasing you forces you to think twice. Best preformed when your opponent is at the other end of the screen.

Fatality 1...D,D,A,T,Block (one jump away) inflate their head
Fatality 2...R,BL,BL,BL,HK (very close)scare them out of their skin
Stage fatality...BL,BL,BL,HK (in Kahn's tower,subway, and my favorite the pit.)
Mercy...(R)D,D,D,D(release R),both must have won a match. Need to be out of sweep range. You can hit the down many times to be sure.
Animality...(HP)T,T,D,T(rel. HP) ,very close
Babality...R,R,LK (can't use block in final round)

Basic Moves and Percentages

Uppercut...21%		Jumpkick...15%		Plasma blast...13%
throw...17%		jump punch...9%		Ground blade...10%


new Kabal's King combo: HP,HP,HP,HP,Plasma blast...40%!(one step away after a spin only) Kabal's Korner Exclusive
[hot] Yes, its official at least on the playstation and the arcade against the computer. Holding block as a human opponent does during the combo cuts it short. I tried it in the arcade against some pros and I was romped so I had to go back to the old faithfulls. I do believe Midway left a back door to allow Kabal to be king,(at least against the CPU) and with this combo you will. Basically after a spin run up to your victim and then back off a step so you will HP instead of slice. Use only four HPs and then blast.
JP Sword Slice combo: 5-hit:JP,HP,HP,D+LP,D+HP...27%****Note: this combo can be done with out the punch of the JP. That is to say jump toward and execute the sword slice combo just before you land and you will get the full 27%. So it's basically Jump toward,HP,HP,D(Hold),LP,HP.and you get maximum blade action which throws your opponent across the screen.
Pop up combo 6-hit:LK,LK,HP,D+UP,JK,APB...27-30%
Multi high punch 6-hit:6HP(fast)...26% (you have to be slightly back from toe to toe range)
Kabal's Kick combo 4-hit:LK,LK,HK,A+HK...24%****
Limited pop up combo 5-hit:LK,LK,HP,D+HP,JK...23%
Kick and blast 2-hit:JK,APB...22%
6-hit: LK,LK,HP,HP,HK,A+HK...18%
Lame kick combo 4-hit: LK,LK,A+HK...18%
Sword Slice combo 4-hit:HP,HP,D(hold)LP,HP...17%
Kick and slice 6-hit: LK,LK,HP,HP,D+LP,D+HP...17%
Basic pop up combo 4-hit:LK,LK,HP,D+HP...15%
As you can see some combos are less work and more damage(****). Those of note are the jumping sword slice, the kick combo, and the multi punch.
The popular combo is the pop-up ending with the air plasma blast. If you miss the end you miss the percentages. The Kick combo is the safe and easy bet, especially when combined with the JK as below.

Short Link Combos

Links are moves and special moves that if timed well can essentially make long combos. Some are tight and [Fatality unstoppable, some are loose and can be stopped by a very quick opponent. Note: to start a combo with a JK it must be low, i.e., it must pop them up in the air a bit. Start beyond sweep range and hit the LK or HK button late. Try to land it at their knees.
JK,air Plasma blast,Plasma blast on ground...34% This works well if you are fast, and the second blast will almost be unavoidable. This tip brought to you by MK fan JHK. PS tested only.
JK,air plasma blast...22%
From the above it is obvious the UC is the way to go after a JK spin move for simplicity.

Long Link Combos

These are pretty tight links. And most are hard to avoid.
JK,Spin,Kabal's King Combo...61% Yes it is true, at least on the playstaion and arcade but only against the CPU at low levels.
Sweep,(optional repeat),Throw,Spin,any combo...>50%
JK,Spin,LK,LK,HP,D+HP,JK,Air Plasma blast...41%
{graphic] JK,Spin,Kick combo... 40%
JK,Spin,Uppercut...37%( a lot of bang for the buck)
JK,Spin,6HP...28% (if your opponent doesn't use block +39%)
Note again the popular pop-up combo ending with the air plasma blast is a lot of work compared to the Kick Combo ending.

Long Loose Link Combos

JK,air PB or regular PB, Spin,combo etc...This works best with the APB, and especially in the corner[new]
JK,Spin,Kabal's Kick combo,Jump back & air plasma blast, Plasma blast, Ground blade...Spin
Sweep,(optional second sweep), Throw, Ground blade
The following combo is for the SuperNes. It requires the unlimited uppercut recovery to be turned on: Spin,Uppercut,Uppercut,Roundhouse Kick...59% This is best done with your opponent trapped in the corner so he/she does not move around." watch where your opponent is flying to, and then run there uppercut,uppercut,and so on. I've beaten the cpu (even the hardest like Jade and Smoke and I had gotten a flawless victory. The combo can instantly get your opponent killed after you spin....It works, it's just timing!!!" --courtsey of Ryan.

Cheap shots

[kabal ground blade, then run up and throw...
jump toward, then air plasma blast(this stops your forward motion and puts a fireball in their... face)


Basic Strategy

To play as the Kabbler you have to:
1. Watch your distance. This means keeping your eyes on your opponent and not Kabal.
2. Be ready to spin your opponent at any time. Kabal makes the most of his opponents mistakes. For example, Scorpion throws a spear that you block, then you spin him. If someone runs at you from accross the screen you sweep and throw them. If they have their guard down, spin'em. If they put it up thow'em. You can't loose.
Most people make opportunities for you.
Offense: The best offense by percentages is the JP,Sword slice combo, or the JK,Spin,kick combo. These are both done from about one jump distance. If you like to just do the ground combos the sword slice is easy to run up and do but it is only 17%. The kick or the pop up combo is where the money is. Plasma blasting from a distance can't hurt either, and it makes those without projectiles wish they had them.
One of the best offensive moves is the throw. How? you ask. Well if they don't have their block up, then you spin them, if they do, you run in and throw them and follow up with a spin. The throw to spin link combo is one of the most powerful in the game. Instead of running up and doing a combo, try runnig up and throwing.
Also try starting any of the link combos as crossovers first. For example crossover kick,spin,etc.
To use the spin in offense constantly move away & toward but don't hit the low kick button until their block is down. A spin about one jump distance is one of the fastest moves in the game and is hard to avoid. From full screen a spin is too obvious. In other words:The spin:punish those who don't block, throw those who do
The ground blade at full screen is like a teleport move and since it immoblizes your victim so you can spin 'em and inflict more damage.(see special move section above) I liken it to Scorpion's teleport punch, which he often links to a spear move.
Defense: After you block a special move, Spin.(obvious but easier said than done.)
Roundhouse,HK , or spin any jump attack. The spin is a little hard to do on such short notice. My favorite is the roundhouse. It does 17% damage and sends your opponent back accross the screen. Also effective against jump attacks is to step back and sweep. Harder to do is jump back and plasma blast. When you blast them out of the air it looks great, so I jump back and blast alot since it is kind of distracting and pretty benign.
Sweep any run-in attack. This sounds simplistic but it works if you are fast. You can sweep slightly beyond the range of Kabal's extended foot.As mentioned above, after a sweep run toward your enemy & throw. As soon as the throw is complete execute a spin. If you start too early it won't work though and you'll think you mis-hit the spin button combo.
Block. Not enough can be said about this magical button. You have to be able to use it standing and couching, and bring it up at any time. A good move is a spin done out of a block&crouch. It suprises the guy who was just trying to pummel you with his 9-hit combo that you blocked.
Try jump back and plasma blast. It catches jump attacks.
A great move is to jump back and punch or kick as your opponent jumps at you, as soon as the kick connects with him/her then execute a spin. It's kind of like the JK Spin links.
Counter moves: After being thrown, do a spin. The throw gives you time, and you are a good distance to take advantage of the spin's speed. Another Kabal did this to me in the arcade over the weekend.
The groundblade can be a good full screen counter move when trading special weapons.
Check out the versus section below for more specific counter moves.

"Know thy enemy and know thyself"--Sun
Versus Subzero
Jump kick over his ice blast, and spin him. Plasma blast after his ice clone since he can't freeze you at that point.
Versus Smoke
Like Sektor's teleport, Smoke's is very blockable. I usually follow with and uppercut. If you keep him two sweep distances away then you will see his harpoon coming. He'll then want to teleport to get close, which as I've said you uppercut.
Versus Scorpion
Now this guy is popular, But they always inch to the edge of the screen before a teleport punch, plus after it is blocked he somersaults in the air asking for an uppercut.
Versus Cyrax
If you see a bomb come out of him, spin.
Versus Shang Tsung
Get ahead of the ground fire balls and spin.
Versus Sheeva
You've got to keep moving against her otherwise she will stomp you. I hate that. At the very beginning do the JP sword slice combo, she almost always falls for it.
Versus The Computer In General
Folow up a throw with another throw,and repeat. The cpu sometimes falls for this. Run up to human characters only and press LP rapidly, if they are crouched and you don't throw them they will get in a loop and you can repeatedly punch them until all their health is gone. You have to start the LPing before you get too close or you will just throw them which isn't too bad either.
Crouch and LP and when the computer jumps over you UC.
Versus Kung Lao (new version)
Jk from outside sweep range and he will try to throw his stupid hat. You'll go over it and peg him.

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