Fan-Tastic Mig-15

Fan-Tastic Mig-15

I started with a stock Fan-tastic mig-15 kit and made the following modifications described here in a pictorial fashion. If you want more text and dicussion go to and search for mig-15 modifications and discussion, or follow this link:
RC Groups.

Maiden and Second Flight:

I flew it without paint and details. A great first jet experience. Conditions: little to no wind, temp in the 70s. Morning light.

Stability: Once it is up to speed it is a very stable flyer. It will cruise hands off in circles. On launch it takes a dip until it gains air speed. This got my heart going for a second. With the CG in the recommended location it will pull out of a dive nicely--hands off. So the CG is conservatively forward. Stall is only at a very, very, slow speed, and then the left wing dips.

Performance: Nice 45 degree climb-out at full throttle. (Can you say brushless bee-uuty?) No chance at vertical though. Yet the Mig-15 will fly smoothly at very little power, so I am sure it would stay airborne with the stock EDF motor. A real floater, as in the FTM video. Sounds great as it flies by. Still looks strange to me to not see a prop.

Maneuverability: If I bank too sharply, the plane looses speed and starts to sink. Wide smooth turns are handled much better. On high rates it rolls, but not axial. The split S into a high speed pass is completed easily--my favorite move with this plane. It belly lands gracefully, even for me. The cheater hole sucks in grass and dirt during this process. I have been told to watch out that the fan doesn't suck in debris and damage the delicate blades.

Conclusion: Hard hand toss and watch the turns. When it dives it really picks up speed. This is a really clean airframe for someone who has a hanger of biplanes. I wonder how much speed it can handle...hmmm. A kid (20s) walked up to me and said "Is that a Mig-15?" He must play a lot of flight sim/video games. Now to finish it, comrades. Ver deed I put da red peent?...Da! der eet iz.