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Daelim Roadwin 125cc...Review of my Motorcycle.
Wall PC...Hanging a computer on the wall.
Hanger ...RC planes.
Photography Gallery ...Pictures from the 110 format.
Void Your Warranty...A computer modification page. Tips on creating a quiet PC.
Office Bonsai...Key ingredients for bonsai in the office.
wikipedia page of cardothoracic anesthesiology.
Voldo's Asylum A different kind of SoulBlade page written by the italian himself. Moves, advice, stories, and more..
Kabal's Korner How to Play and Win as Kabal in Mortal Kombat.
Art's Gallery of Mortal Kombat Pictures and screen shots of 'The Life of Kabal'. Please submit your artwork!
Rick O'Shay's Airgun Page Rick's review of airguns, target ideas, humor and more.
Anesthesiology The heart step list is here and anesthesia links.
The Universal Travel Packing List This is an invention of mine. A travel check-list that has everything. Suggestions/additions welcome.
About Me A little about Johnny's World and some photos.

This site, sciarra.org, long ago in the 90s was known as Johnnyswwwsite, which looked like this: Johnnyswwwsite

Some day I will revive my guestbook.
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