E-flite Ultimate EP
This is the E-flite Ulitmate EP biplane designed by George Hicks. Here are my modifications.

1. Landing gear secured with a ziptie and elastic shock absorber added.
2. Aileron servos mounted on the top wing to improve the vertical CG.

3. The tail servos mounted through the fuselage instead of next to it.
4. Sticky battery mounting system.
Velcro straps with a rubber pad. Quite an invention!!
5. Additional decals.
6. Rounding of the leading edges of the wings.
7. Triangle foam added to lower wing and stab for strength.
8. Prop saver added
9. Shorten antenna, reverse aileron control horn ( this is done to make the upper and lower ailerons move up and down evenly.)
On the lower right I added a CG balance hook