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wall pc...This concept came about when my monster dual CPU machine broke and it took forever to disassemble just to fix it. I figured an open-architecture PC would be much easier to maintain in the future. This rig has a lot of USB ports since much of the hardware such as the CD drives are external, and on my desk. This way it is easy to swap parts in and out of the PC. I could have even put the power supply on the desk, but there I ran into power-cable length limitations. I left the primary hard drive on the wall since it looked cool spinning up there.
The pictures kind of tell the story best. Email me if you want to converse. My address is: jsciarra(at,ya know the at symbol)earthlink(dot,or point)net. Mention the wallpc in the subject or you will be treated like so much spam.
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Plexiglass for the base.

Making a base to mount the hard drive.

Special attention will have to be paid to the wiring later, since it will all be exposed. I am using a modular PSU since it eliminates all the wire I do not need. It is way overkill in terms of power needed, but they don't make these in small output wattages.

These RAM heatsinks flash. The flash mode is controlled by these two switches.

This it the heart of the machine: the Western Digital Raptor X. 10,000 rpms of visible spinning platters. I have highlighted it with LEDs so you can see the read/write head move even in the dark. This drive was actually my inspiration for the whole exposed pc idea.

On the lower right is the on switch. It sits atop two USB ports I added in. I also added one USB/firewire card and another PCI usb card. Need alot of expansion capability since all the expansion takes place away from the wall hanging PC.

In the dark. There is a black light to light up the UV power cables.

The final Presentation. Triple monitors driven by a matrox P750 graphics card. The CDROM, burner, second hard drive, card reader, and other periferals that would normally be in the case are off to the side


Wall PC 2

The second wall pc. This was more of a budget job. I put it together with parts I had laying around. I did not buy one piece to construct this. I used a piece of peg board as the backer for example. Very little bling. This boy will go to work in the office in someones cubicle. Click on the photos to enlarge them.

I glued in this support next to the video card since I have found, that without the case, the add-in cards are too unstable. No, I do not intend to remove the card.
I put the only fan between the CPU and the chipset heatsink to minimize noise. See the little guy squeezed in there. Now that is efficiency.
Here is a shot of the wall pc in my workshop before shipping out.

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